How does it work?

The S1 Power Retain Timer is installed the same way the factory timer is. It plugs into a pre-wired connector inside the machine. The S1 power cable is then plugged into a smart plug outlet. A smart plug outlet (not provided) is what controls the power to the machine. There are a number of smart plug outlets available on the market. Use the smart plug outlet provided phone application to schedule the Vivaldi turn On and Off times. Any smart plugs with scheduled On/Off will work. The S1 Power Retain Timer turns the machine on as soon as it gets the power from the smart plug outlet.

You can find the S1 timer installation instructions on Clive’s Coffee website here, and Chris’ Coffee here.

External smart plug outlet (min 15amp capacity) is required and sold separately. Use any smart plug outlet with schedule On/Off capabilities. Most smart plug outlets are sold for under $15 and have an app to control them remotely.

List of smart plug outlets on Amazon.

Can a 15amp smart outlet used for the Vivaldi S1 running in 20amp mode? The smart outlet uses a mechanical relay designed with a safety margin to operate with constant max load. The machine only consumes 20amp during the initial warmup then it consumes much less to maintain the set temperate. Even though we think it is safe to use 15amp outlets the only advantage of using the Vivaldi in 20amp mode is the faster warmup. With now added ability to schedule the machine warm-up ahead of time the advantage of running 20amp mode is no longer there. We would suggest changing the machine to operate in 15amp mode which can be done by moving the internal switch to a 15amp position.